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As we all know, Flash is the technology of the future. From games to websites, Flash can and will do it all, forever. So here are some fun games to play to pass the time.

Bloons Tower Defense 3

Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a shining example of the tower defense genre. Place monkeys and machines to stop the onslaught of balloons bloons from reaching the end of the path.

Starting out

As you pop bloons and complete waves, you earn money, which can be used to upgrade your towers.

Moving on

Eventually, you can add even more towers!

A game successfully underway

This game is amazing. Final rating? 5 stars.

Raft Wars

This is a game about little Simon, who discovers gold and diamonds while playing on the beach. It seems that the only goal of everyone on the water is to defeat Simon and take his gold. Because of this hostility, Simon and his brother (Seriously. His brother is never given a name. If it helps, I like to call him Jimmy.) take to the water with tennis ball cannons. In the first level, you defend yourselves from some pirates.

There they are. Pirates!

The GUI for when it's your turn is fairly simple. You select between tennis balls, (Simon and his brother have endless amounts of tennis balls. Don't ask where they keep them all.) grenades, (WHERE ARE THESE SMALL KIDS GETTING GRENADES FOR 300 COINS?!) and rockets. (WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE SMALL KIDS GETTING MISSILES FOR 500 COINS FROM?!?!?!)

Where do they get the explosives?

After every round, you can purchase the grenades and rockets. (Who is selling these kids explosives?)

Who? Why?

You can also purchase a raft upgrade for 1,500 coins. The first one, the puppy, is absolute garbage. It takes one hit to knock it off the back.

Absolute garbage. Cute, though.

Can you beat this game? No, seriously, I never bothered to check. Pretty boring, but a decent game to pass the time. I give it 7/10.